< title COVID-19 In Iron County

Covid-19 In My Area

Covid has had an impact on many people’s lives, but I think it has had the biggest impact on schooling. Considering I still attend school at West Iron County High School I like to look into what’s happening pandemic wise in my area. With that being said Covid-19 hasn’t been getting better in my area. Even though the case numbers and deaths due to covid are much lower here than downstate I’m still very concerned. Although we have taken precaution, I continue to see careless idiots not wearing masks everyday. This area is full of very uneducated people, unfortunately I live among them. I’ve seen more ignorance here than anywhere else I’ve lived.

Cases Of Covid

Covid- 19 has been frustrating for everyone I believe, even in places as small as the U.P. As of right now Iron County has had forty confirmed cases and one death. There’s been a 17% increase in the number of confirmed cases in the last week, which can be kind of scary considering our population is under 11,500 people as a county. People really need to start and keep on wearing their masks in my opinion. Even Mrs. Jacobson put her two cents in I see both young and old people continue to be ignorant on a daily basis.

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